We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.

Confucius 551-479 A.C.


I am convinced that we can change people's behavior and mindset so that they perform better, develop new skills and ultimately also become more confident. This makes them feel happier and less stressed.

The way I achieve this is by offering services that meet the real needs of people and companies, by developing them to size. I always use recognizable role play from the field in my practice-oriented training. This gives people concrete solutions that can be applied immediately.

As a result, my projects translate into a significant return on investment.

This symbolizes the added value of WAVM.

Sales & Communication Skills

Sales is besides applying sales techniques, primarily being customer-oriented with the right mindset. After all, the customer buys for his own reasons, not yours.


As a recognized tobaccologist I professionally help people to quit smoking. By offering the right tools and personal counseling there is a much higher chance of succeeding. 

Leadership, Personal & Professional Development

Growth and evolution as an individual/supervisor/company goes along with obstacles and stress. With the right tools this becomes a positive challenge.




Every project is different and therefore requires a specific approach. My individual preparation ensures that we achieve faster results within your project. That is precisely why I think it is so important to come and listen personally your real needs and demands.

Needs assessment

The growth opportunities and possible issues are discussed through in-take conversations at different levels.


We strive for concrete solutions that can be applied immediately through interactive sessions based on practical examples.  


Analysis & Design

Following the needs assessment, whether or not combined with field observation, an analysis and plan of approach are proposed.

Detailed Reporting

Follow-up sessions, in combination with specific tools, ensure the implementation of the created added value. 

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