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Joris Wyckmans started his career as a teacher and combined this with his own sports club. He later made the switch to the business world. After more than 20 years of experience as a Sales Director, trainer and coach in various companies, he founded WAVM in 2015. He uses his former 30 years of expertise as a teacher, sales director, manager, coach and trainer to offer added value to people and companies that want to grow. Since 2020 Joris obtained another diploma as a recognized tobaccologist where he uses his years of experience as a coach to help people with smoking cessation.

If you opt for WAVM then you opt for a contemporary and personal approach that is result-oriented and in line with the values of your company and employees. Together we make the difference between a  'good' performance and an 'excellent' performance.

This way we can achieve your added value together.

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